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More often than not, buying and shipping a piece of equipment from another city, province or country can be more rewarding and cost effective than sourcing supply locally. Simply put, factors such as currency exchange, local supply shortage and having access to the right shipping partners all make dealing with Towable Tools a smarter move.

We aren’t just passionate about providing great pricing on our equipment, we also go to bat for you on securing the most competitive rates on shipping. Years of experience dealing with brokers who understand our product allows us to shop you a great rate, in a timely manner.

Canada - uS Shipments

When US clients first deal with Towable Tools, it’s mainly due to the uncompromising value we offer (often with savings of over 30% due to the currency swing). When they return, its often down to the efficiency and professionalism of our staff.

Importing equipment has a lot of negative stigma surrounding it, often justified to those who lack the expertise. Towable Tools removes the worry and handles the customs documentation for a low flat fee – $195 USD (item dependent). We always shop shipping rates from our preferred brokers – keeping them honest and passing the savings directly to you.


We have prepared shipments to the Caribbean, Central and South America, please contact us to discuss your delivery requirements.

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